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The Washington coast tends to accumulate amber, white and yellow agates known as carnelian agates. Banding - (concentric layering) - Agates are formed by the progressive depositing of silica solution into cavities and crevices inside of a host rock.
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Rockhounding Washington: A guide to the States Best Rockhounding Sites by Lars W. What Washington State beaches lack in white sand and warm water is more than made up for in the...
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This rockhound area makes a great day adventure for rock collectors. The principal attraction for rock collectors here is fire agate. Fire agate is a relatively new gemstone, only identified and formally recognized in the 1930s. It has the color play of precious opal with gem quality reds, greens, and blues.
Quartz Creek is off of the Little Naches River in Washington and here you can find some really nice Thundereggs if you dig down to the thick yellowish clay...
Washington is a great state to be a rockhound—it’s a geological wonderland of active volcanoes, glaciers, rugged coastline and petrified forests. If you’re ready to get digging, read on to find out where you can crack open geodes and find crystals, dig through rock piles for hidden treasures and see meteorites that are outta this world!
I used to look for agates as a kid. Now my brother and I are taking his kids. We literally know nothing yet, but, we are learning.
Jun 12, 2014 · Rockhounding and Prospecting Tools Hidden Idaho Treasure Series So you are interested in Rock hounding Idaho? Please note: The map is at the bottom of the Page! Idaho has a rich geology with many types of gemstones found across the diverse landscapes.
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